Anxious Patients

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Nervous of the Dentist?

Here at Raby Road Dental Centre we understand that dental phobias are very common. We regularly treat anxious patients, so rest assured, whatever your dental fears or concerns, we can help. In a relaxed setting, our friendly dental team will ensure you’re able to attend regular dental appointments with minimum anxiety.

Anxious Patients 

If you are anxious about seeing the dentist, Raby Road Dental Centre has dentists who are understanding and experienced in managing your fears.

Our goal is to ensure that patients feel supported and treated in a safe environment and encourage anxious patients to bring friends or family to appointments. We feel it is important to build trust with your Dentist so that you may be able to accept treatment at a pace that suits you. We understand that some patients may require regular breaks throughout treatment or appointments at a certain time of the day to control their anxiety. We will tailor visits based on your needs.

For those who are concerned about injections, our dentists can apply numbing cream to the gum to ease the discomfort of an injection.

We also offer intravenous sedation for extremely anxious patients.

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